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About Us

We adhere to important principles when designing, estimating, and building our homes. 

Design and Practices
  •   Quality and Cost Effectiveness are always paramount

  •   We incorporate Green-Built techniques into our conventional building     practices thus building a house that suits our client's needs and is                 healthy-built and energy-efficient

  •    We utilize Universal Design to promote live-ability for                   a diverse range of clients

Client & Builder Relationship

We pride ourselves on creating an amenable environment for those involved in the building process.  One of our main goals is to nurture and develop a positive and productive relationship with our clients. Building a house can be an intense and stressful process...we want to make sure our clients feel heard and valued throughout. 

The delicate balance between aesthetics, cost, and speed of installation requires owners and architects to develop a clear pre-construction plan and a high level of communication.  We're good at that here and will walk you through every step. 

"Green" Options

We believe that the realities of Global Warming, Deforestation, and Toxic Building products require action on our part as builders.  

We understand that all clients' needs are unique, and not everyone is interested in the Sustainable or Healthy Built Home ideals.  However, there are various levels of  "Green" homes.  We can balance a client's desires and budget with the "level" that suits them.  For those that are unaware, the Healthy/Energy Efficient home benefits the client in many ways. Examples of some common eco-friendly and cost effective practices are:

  • Minimal Site Disturbance

  • Precast Walls

  • Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

  • Solar Panels/Water Heater

  • Advanced Framing

  • Energy Star Appliances

  • Low Toxic Products

  • Air Sealing

  • High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Systems

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